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Training For Warriors Level 2 Certification


The TFW Level 2 course is only available to people who have completed the TFW Level 1 Certification. The Level 2 content is made up of over 20 hours of training and education videos as well as 4 interactive webinars with Martin Rooney. The videos have been broken up into 15 individual modules with each module consisting of between 5 and 15 chapters to improve your learning experience. The 15 training modules of the course are released sequentially over a 4-week period of the course. Each week you will get access to new modules and invited to the live coaching call with Martin Rooney.

The Training For Warriors Level 2 Online Certification is delivered to you completely online (no physical materials are shipped) through our private members area which you will have instant access upon completing your registration. Two big advantages to online learning are that you can study at your own pace over 8 weeks without the added cost of travel. During the course, you can work through all of the material at a rate with which you are comfortable and watch each video many times to ensure you fully absorb and understand the information.

After the 4 weeks of training you will have another 4 weeks access to complete the course and take the exam. There is a deadline to complete the course which gives you 8 weeks of total access to the course. The brief examination given at the end of the course is 30 questions and multiple choice. Although the test is optional, you will be required to pass in order to become a Warrior Certified™ TFW Level 2 Coach.


  • A Complete Review Of The Top 11 Lessons From Level 1

  • The Philosophy Of The TFW Strength Training Program

  • The Methods Of The Signature Circular and Upper Body TFW Warmups

  • The TFW Sprint Assessment Protocol

  • Over 15 Of The TFW Animal Movements And Warmup

  • The Rules Of Agility Training For Athletes And Adults

  • The 8 Acute Variables Of Strength Training

  • The 150 Meter Test Theory And

  • The TENT Philosophy Of Speed Training

  • The Proper Use And Drills Of The Agility Ladder

  • A Complete Hip Circuit Using Resistance Bands

  • TFW Olympic Lifting Philosophy

  • The 8 Goals Of A Strength Training Program

  • TFW Upper And Lower Body Strength Training Templates

  • The 7 Step Chin Up Progression

  • Top 5 Drills For Developing Speed In Adults

  • Advanced Coaching And Mastery Concepts

Training For Warriors Level 2 Certification


Here is what the course is not

  • This is not an MMA Course

  • This is not only for fighters and or elite athletes (it is for any coach, athlete or fitness enthusiast looking to improve)

  • This is not for anyone with a negative or closed mindset (this will challenge people to become more)

  • This is not just information about Training Programming and Workouts (there is a deep philosophical component that is traditionally missing from training)

  • This is not going to deliver a Silver or Magic Bullet (there is no “best” we are always searching for “better”)

  • This is not a poorly organized product (the over 20 hours of content took decades to create)

  • This is not a boring series of lectures (this will keep your attention and motivate you to apply the information)

Training For Warriors Level 2 Certification


Heres what people had to say about level 1

“The Best Investment I Have Ever Made! Living in the Philippines would mean I would have to spend money on plane tickets, hotel and other expenses to do a live certification. So when Coach Martin made an announcement to have an online certification course I immediately enrolled. During the online course it feels like you are inside the class and the live webinar made it also possible to meet Coach Martin. Thanks Coach Tom and Coach Martin. Look forward to enrolling on the Level 2 Online Certification Course.”

Joey Lepiten Manila, Philippines

This class was absolutely amazing!! I have been in fitness for about 15 years and to use Martin's words after each module I was "Fired up out of mind"

Alassane Ndiaye Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Awesome Course!!! Learned a lot, really feeling motivated and inspired. Already applying it to my own training and seeing results now I just have to get out there and spread it to everyone else! Highly recommend it to anyone who has been thinking of doing it... Bring out the warrior within!”

Joshua Slessor Auckland, NZ

“Thank you Martin and the rest of the TFW team. I had a blast taking this cert and will recommend to all that I believe will benefit from the TFW system. Martin, your energy and passion motivate me to become the best I can be. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to my next TFW cert. Thank you.”

Sean McFarland Las Vegas, Nevada

“Fantastic course! Was disappointed not to be able to attend a live cert but I thought the content really captured the energy Martin exudes, which was very inspirational and motivational even from behind a screen! I'm looking forward to level 2 and would encourage anyone with an interest in health and fitness to join the resistance!”

Eran Chan Hong Kong

“This is by far the best online course I've ever experienced. I felt like I was I there with Martin and the guys and I got motivated every time I logged in. The information I gained made me more confident how to deal with my clients and business and now I'm more excited to go for the L2 certificate. The webinars were cool and it gives a lot of extra information. I am much more confident now and I'm 100% sure TFW system is going to make huge changes around the world. Can't wait for L2 online certificate!”

Abdallah AlAwadi Kuwait City, Kuwait

“Awesome content and demos regarding pre-hab, warm-up, strength and metabolic training and cool down. It was neat to see how Martin connects them all to the "Warrior Philosophy." Martin’s approach to coaching was the most engaging part of the seminar, the way he blends science, motivation, theory, education and fun together in a session. Just great stuff”

John Rynak Boston, MA

“If you’re tired of being the nail, let Martin Rooney and his Training for Warriors program turn you into the hammer!”

Renzo Gracie, ADCC and Pride Fighting Champion

"I'd recommend TFW for anyone that wants to be a better trainer. There is not a better conference that I have attended that people tell you how to be enthusiastic, how to be motivated and show you how to get the best results from your clients."

Denise Bloom Lebanon, Vermont Personal Trainer

"It focuses way more on creating an entire program. Not just killing you in the gym. Progressively making your stronger and better. I'd definitely recommend TFW for other people, coaches, personal trainers, anyone in fitness."

Rick Davies Coral Springs, FL Gym Owner

"After the first hour of the first day I had an ROI already. It was absolutely amazing. I now label Martin Rooney as the Anthony Robbins of Fitness."

Mark Moore Sewell, NJ Martial Arts Facility Owner

"What I like most about it is not the training itself, it's about the mindset you have to get into."

Kristinn Prastarson, Reykjavik, Iceland

“If you want what other warriors don’t have, you need to do what other warriors don’t do. I want victories and that's why I follow this program.”

Ricardo Almeida, UFC, Pride FC veteran and Middleweight King of Pancrase

“Great course. Filled with awesome info. Martin and his team did a stand up job putting together the material. Happy to be part of the TFW familia and excited to spread the resistance.”

Justin Gaita Greenwich, Connecticut

“Just finished the TFW level 1 online coach cert this weekend. Great material delivered by a very inspirational coach. Has gotten me fired up about using this stuff in my training!”

Fredrik Wiberg Malmo, Sweden

“What an awesome course, it was everything I'd hoped for and more. Great content and application. I'd recommend it to anyone.”

Robert Smith Nottingham, UK

"It's awesome. It's the best thing I've ever done. It was worth the trip. I enjoyed it to the fullest."

Pepe Contreras, Cancun, Mexico

"You go home you just want to read more of the books and want to do more of the exercises. I love the training, I love how he simplifies things, but what separates him as an instructor is that he teaches us to be able to do the exercises in the right manner, the right way so we can take them to the athletes we work with."

Christian Papanti Personal Trainer New York, New York.

"He's better than any professor I have. I took so much from him this entire weekend."

Gianni Grippo, 6x BJJ World Champion and 5x Pan Am champion Fair Lawn, NJ

This cert opened up my eyes not only to coaching but to living life. I learnt that you need to UNLEASH THE WARRIOR WITHIN in all tasks of life, bring nothing but your best and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Matthew Sharpe London, England

"Martin is the program, what he brings to the program, it's infectious, he's enthusiastic. It's very difficult to be around Martin and not be inspired."

Gary Mahabir, NY, NY

"This program has taught me that success is not just about working hard, but also about working smart. TFW is the total package in terms of training systems. "

Dan Miller, top-ranked UFC middleweight contender

“This is the first time I've done any course like this. I learned so much during the weeks doing it that I am really glad I went through it. I can now try to inspire the kids I work with to Live The Code.”

Jeff McIntyre Savanna, Illinois

“Really well thought out and expertly delivered course. Coming from a similar position as Martin, as a physiotherapist I found myself drifting away from what really inspires me and fires me up. Training people. The course has inspired me and I've started to look at ways to go back to this career path.”

Nav Saini Thurrock, UK

“Having done many courses over the past few years (CrossFit, OPT, Charles Poliquin, various gymnastics and weightlifting, etc.), I can honestly say that Martin Rooney taught me more about the ART OF COACHING than anyone else. He lives and breathes his philosophy, which is so god damn important! Highly recommended for any fitness professional.”

Chris Garay Charlottesville, Virginia

“This is a good course and ideal for those who have difficulty getting to one of the live events or want to do it at their leisure. While much of the content wasn't new to me, Martin gives you a real understanding that coaching is an art and a science. Martin also challenges you to rethink what you are doing in your practice and why you do it, and that your practice should always be evolving and improving as his has. Martin is very motivational and passionate and while there is so much bullshit in the fitness world, coaches like Martin really are leading the resistance in using proven methods and not fads. I would recommend it and am already looking forward to Level 2.”

Neil Elbourne Edinburgh, Scotland

“Solid -- now that I've completed it I'm going to put my entire coaching staff through it. Thanks for putting it out to the world guys. Been following for years but we're based in Asia so sending my entire team into the States for a certification was a nightmare scenario for us.”

Brad Robinson, Singapore

Training For Warriors Level 2 Certification


Training Course Contents
Module 1 Introduction Module 7 The Art and Science of Coaching1.1 Introduction to Level 2 7.1 My “Training” Journey1.2 Concept of the Dojo 7.2 Your Programs and Thoughts1.3 Professor Story 7.3 Importance of Focus1.4 Your Crusade and the TFW Resistance 7.4 Science and Jazz1.5 Course Outline and Exam 7.5 IQ vs EQ 7.6 Great Aspirations of a CoachModule 2 11 Lessons from Level 1 7.7 Self Awareness and Integrity2.2 Something For Nothing 7.8 Self Management and Self Talk2.3 Question The Influence of Information 7.9 Art of Listening2.4 Growth in the Gray Area 7.10 Need For Engagement2.5 Success Occurs With A Strong System 7.11 Training and Coaching2.6 Stand for Something or Fall For Anything 7.12 Trust Development2.7 Develop a Different Set of Eyes 2.8 Apply The MEDs Module 8 Speed Training Introduction2.9 You Can Only Manage What You Measure 8.1 Speed Introduction For Training2.10 Results Come From A Balance Of Training and Recovery 8.2 TFW Position on Speed Training2.11 Metabolic Training & The Warmup 8.3 Sprinting and the TFW System 8.4 What We Can and Can’t Change About SpeedModule 3 TFW Strength Training Philosophy 8.5 The Simple Speed Formula For Any Client3.1 Reality vs. Fantasy Land 3.2 The Real World of Training Module 9 Speed Training Theory: Acceleration and Top Speed3.3 The Before and After 9.1 Acceleration Made Simple3.4 Real World Results of TFW 9.2 The Weightlifter Riddle3.5 The Strategies of TFW 9.3 Top Speed Made Simple3.6 Logical Progression of Training 9.4 The TFW Lock and Key Theory of Sprinting3.7 Making the Complex Simple 9.5 The TENT Model of the TFW System3.8 TFW Position Statement on Strength 3.9 The 8 Goals of a TFW Strength Session Module 10 TFW Sprint Assessment3.10 The 12 Principles of TFW Training 10.1 Introduction to Assessing Speed and Technique3.11 Upper Body Patterns 10.2 Relaxed Running3.12 Lower Body Patterns 10.3 Common Speed Assymetry3.13 Acute Training Variables 10.4 Neuromuscular Coordination3.14 The Acute Training Variables Part 2 10.5 Focus On Ground Contact3.15 The Customer Experience 10.6 The Leg And Recovery 10.7 Eccentric TrainingModule 4 Upper Body Training 10.8 Levers And The Arms4.1 The TFW Upper Body Template 10.9 Head And Torso Position4.2 The Upper Body Warmups 10.10 The 150 Meter Test4.3 TFW Upper Body Exercises 4.4 The TFW Chin Up Progression Module 11 Physical Training #2 11.1 Jumps and Coaching Warmup 1Module 5 Lower Body Training 11.2 Upper Body Speed Drills5.1 The TFW Lower Body Template 11.3 Lower Body Speed Drills5.2 Unilateral vs Bilateral 11.4 Running Assessments of 3 People5.3 TFW Lower Body Exercises 11.5 The 150 Meter Test Introduction5.4 TFW Olympic Lift Philosophy 11.6 The 150 Meter Test Assessment5.5 The Squat 4 Progression 5.6 Abductor Training Module 12 TFW Agility Training Introduction5.7 The Importance of the Foot 12.1 Introduction and How TFW Uses Movement5.8 TFW Philosophy vs. “The Other Guys” 12.2 What Does Agility Mean To You?5.9 The Purpose of TFW Warrior Challenges 12.3 TFW Agility Philosophy5.10 Ideal Performance 12.4 The TFW Formula For Agility SessionsModule 6 Physical Training Session 1 Module 13 Rules for Agility Training6.1 Circular Warmup Lesson 13.1 Agility In Metabolic Sessions6.2 Stephanie's Story 13.2 Agility With Adults6.3 The Animals 13.3 Defintion of Acceleration6.4 The Bear 13.4 Definition of Deceleration In Training6.7 The Chimpanzee & The Tiger 13.5 Stopping and Landing In Sessions6.6 The Rabbit 13.6 Agility for Conditioning6.5 The Spider 13.7 Injury Prevention6.8 The Gorilla 13.8 Proper Agility Training Progression6.9 The Crab 6.10 The Inchworm and the Snail Module 14 Physical Training Session #36.13 The Alligator and The Sidewinder 14.1 Jumps Coaching and Warmup6.12 The Frog 1 and 2 14.2 Introduction To The Ladder6.11 The Turkey 14.3 Ladder Hopping Exercises6.14 Abductor Introduction 14.4 Ladder Shuffle and Twists6.15 Band Training 14.5 Ladder Running Exercises6.16 Hip Band Movement Drills 14.6 Ladder Pattern Drills6.17 Chin Up Warrior Challenge 14.7 Ladder Upper Body and Different Alignments Module 15 Reaching Personal and Professional Mastery 15.1 Introduction 15.2 Story Behind The TFW Books 15.3 Mastery’s Enemies 15.4 The 5 “Lacks” 15.5 The Tools of Mastery 15.6 Mastery Defined 15.7 Importance of Repetition 15.8 The Mastery Paradox 15.9 Failure Is Necessary 15.10 Change is Good Life is Struggle 15.11 Comfortable Being Uncomfortable 15.12 Mastery Delivered 15.13 The Riddle of Mastery

Training For Warriors Level 2 Certification